From the Pavilion Lake Research Project science team:

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Your help has been absolutely incredible!

In total, mapper participants have:

  • analyzed 1,113,706 images
  • submitted 1,481,526 classifications
  • made 11,561 comments about what they saw underwater
  • contributed over 2,227 person-hours of hard work

Your work has been discussed on Gizmodo, Universe Today, Reddit, MSNBC, Techtudo, PC Gamer, PhysOrg, Science et Vie, and Earth Periodical among many, many others.

We never could have anticipated the dedication and enthusiasm that you've brought to the project. We will forever be grateful for your efforts and support, and for the enormous amount of data that you've submitted to us.

Thank-you so much for doing such an amazing job.

At this point, the Pavilion Lake Research Project has collected all of the morphological data that it needs, and mapper in its current form is now closed.

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Thanks again to everyone who participated. Watch this space and the Pavilion Lake Research Project's Facebook page for future updates.

~ The Pavilion Lake Research Project science team

If you'd like to keep making contributions as a Citizen Scientist, please check out SubseaObservers!