Marriage Counseling West Palm Beach

1. You or Your Partner Have Become Indifferent

Most people think the opposite of love is hate. However, hate still conveys a sense of passion, a sense of caring. Therefore, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

If you or your spouse in west palm beach have gotten to a point in your relationship where you no longer care enough to fight or argue, couples therapy or marriage counseling might be necessary. This includes:

  • Not caring when your spouse is upset
  • Rolling over on issues instead of expressing your beliefs
  • Not desiring to spend time with the other
  • Not caring if your sex life is struggling
  • Being indifferent to infidelity (yours or theirs)
  • Living separate lives that hardly intersect
  • Not knowing where your spouse is and not caring
  • A general disinterest in their night life in downtown west palm beach

2. Almost All Communication Is Negative or Leads to Fights

As suggested above, indifference can be a sign that you need marriage therapy. However, too much passion can also be a negative thing. Like a fire, passion burning out of control can be devastating.

For example, if you and your spouse struggle to get along because every conversation leads to arguments or fights, it’s likely indicative of a severe breakdown in communication. This can lead to one or both partners being overly sensitive, getting defensive, or acting from a place of hurt when there’s no reason for it.

This type of dysfunctional interaction can make genuine communication and progress nearly impossible. A competent therapist located in west palm beach may be able to help you and your partner learn how to recover from a bad fight, and how to have.more productive .communication.

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