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Nano CBD oil is growing in popularity due to internet CBD vendors. Scientifically Nano CBD oil has the quickest absorption of any product. It comes in softgels and liquid bottles. Water soluble softgels are the most convenient formula. isolate only contains pure CBD and no other compounds. Full spectrum CBD gummies on the other hand contains CBD plus all the other compounds found in hemp such as THC, CBN, CBG etc. The amount of THC in full spectrum products is so low that you will not get the psychoactive high that is associated with it. Research shows there is more medicinal power behind CBD full spectrum products due to something called the entourage effect. All the cannabinoids work together. CBD by itself still has medicinal properties but the effective dose is narrow and limited. Hope this helps!

Can you elaborate on how it messed up your sleep, and whether it was full-spectrum or isolate? It could be that one will work better than the other for your specific ailment.

One thing I have noticed about CBD edibles products, even when they are similar product types and they come from reputable vendors, is that the effects vary dramatically. I think it comes down to each person’s metabolism, body chemistry, and endocannabinoid system, etc. For me this has meant tons of research and also experimentation to find out what works for me. So far I have found full-spectrum tinctures to be helpful for general well-being and calmness, full-spectrum vape carts/flower for bad pain or headaches, and isolate-based edibles for back pain and stuff where I want relief but also need to be really functional. But this differs quite a bit for each person!

Some other thoughts:

-You might give topicals a try if there are specific parts of your body that hurt (like hands and feet). There are some fairly affordable full-spectrum options out there.

-For some people, there are side effects that subside once their bodies get used to the CBD intake. Not saying you should tough it out if you aren’t seeing benefits, but if you are getting pain relief from CBD oil, you might try sticking with it for a bit to see if your sleep regulates after a while.

-Like I mentioned above, some folks get better results with isolate vs. full spectrum, or vice versa (general consensus is that full spectrum is king, but it’s not the case for everyone). Some people have reported that CBD isolate will make them feel more alert or even keep them up at night, so if you used isolate and had trouble sleeping that could be it.

-When in doubt, try smoking a tiny bit of flower from a reputable vendor and see if that helps! I save flower for very bad pain or intolerable headaches, but it works like a freaking charm, and fast too.

Sorry for the wall of text, still drinking my morning coffee and kind of scatterbrained. Hope some of this was helpful and hope you can find some relief!

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